At the moment, it successfully fulfills the tasks assigned to each enterprise for import substitution and increase in export potential. The company intends to further increase the volume of manufactured products. The leading company successfully provides the domestic market with fresh fruits and vegetables, produces high-quality instant coffee, sweet puffed corn, chips, sweet glazed wheat under the brand name “Hoşwagt”. A little earlier, the company expanded its range of caramel sweets under the brand name Jooy.

The company successfully exports its products to various countries of the world. This list includes Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. It is expected that the institution will soon increase the export of its products.

Miweli ülke took part in the Leading Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Achievements of Turkmen businessmen were evaluated in 13 categories. This enterprise became a winner, taking an honorable 2nd place in the nomination “Leading Exporter of the Year”.

In the near future, we intend to launch the production of chips using our own raw materials. Up to 600 hectares will be allocated for the cultivation of various varieties of potatoes. A greenhouse is also being built on 50 hectares of land for growing bananas and citrus fruits. About 3 hectares of land will be occupied by orange trees.